Pallet Handling Solutions

SMETCO Inc. is an Alliance Automation company providing custom automation to meet your pallet industry needs. Advanced in engineering, our innovative team builds the best solution for your pallet handling, manufacturing and recycling needs. Our systems will improve your business by reducing labor requirements, speeding up production processes and lowering pallet and material handling costs.

With your company profitability and employee safety at stake, SMETCO steps up to the plate with authentic production volumes, a record of unsurpassed up-time and the industry’s most refined safety features. We will individually tailor a pallet handling solution to your unique business requirements.

SMETCO is your top source for engineered solutions to meet your pallet handling, manufacturing and recycling needs.

  • Pallet Sort Systems
  • Pallet Repair Systems
  • Pallet Stackers and Dispensers
  • Material handling equipment solutions
  • Specialty engineered systems to meet customer specific needs


300+ Pallets Per Hour Sorting Capacity

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Quick Sortâ„¢ Pallet System

Allowing 300+ pallets per hour sorting capacity, our Quick Sortâ„¢ is an extremely cost-effective entry-level pallet sort system with flexibility to grow with your business.

400+ Pallets Per Hour Sorting Capacity

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Mid Speed Pallet Sort System

With a sorting capacity of 400+ pallets per hour, our Mid Speed Sort System will save you time and money while enabling just one operator to inspect and sort hundreds of pallets per hour.

900+ Pallets Per Hour Sorting Capacity

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High Speed Pallet Sort System

The complete automation offered with a High Speed Sort System provides a sorting capacity of 900+ pallets per hour and makes pallet inspection as simple as a push of a button.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Need Automation

Solve labor problems

Increase in throughput

Increase in quality

Increase in reliability, productivity & safety

Increase in profits, reduce input costs

Are you looking for custom, value-added solutions to meet your specific pallet handling needs? Contact us today to see what we can do for your business.


Engineers and manufacturers of a full line of pallet recycling products for faster, safer and more profitable equipment. Quality you can depend on every time.

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