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One or Two-Man Pallet Dismantler
Lead Board Dismantler

A high quality Band Saw Pallet Dismantler is the cornerstone of your pallet recycling business. SMETCO manufacturers these premium quality Band Saw Pallet Dismantlers to handle your most punishing pallet recycling requirements.

Durability and Ease of Use are hallmarks of SMETCO equipment. Each SMETCO Bandsaw Dismantler comes with a full 1 year warranty1, features our patented 'Curve Fence' for unparalleled ease of use, and consistently cuts through recycled lumber with fasteners such as:

  • Nails
  • Banding
  • Wire
  • Bolts
  • Screws

Ease of Use

SMETCO's patented 'Curved Fence' cleverly utilizes the directional blade travel to effortlessly pivot the pallet through the cut. The result: a pallet recycling operator can rock the pallet back and forth through the entire cut with little effort. 

When you consider the Total Cost of Ownership of your machinery, reduced operator fatigue has two major cost benefits:

  • Maximizes production
  • Maximizes job safety

To watch a video of the Bandsaw Dismantler in action, click here to go directly to the video download section of this web page.

Heavyweight Construction

SMETCO Bandsaw Pallet Dismantlers are designed for years of trouble-free operation.

  • Over 2400 lbs. of steel used in the construction of these machines assures longest possible life in the most demanding applications
  • Thick wall tubular construction
  • Steel blade drive wheels provide extremely long life on this high wear component.  Other Dismantler brands use low-cost automotive wheels/tires to drive their blades: some other brands use nylon, phenolic, or plastic drive wheels.  SMETCO maximizes reliability and longevity of service by using the highest quality steel blade drive wheels.
  • Spherical roller drive bearings fully encased in their own oil reservoir ensure these high stress bearings will stand up to years of demanding use.  This SMETCO custom bearing design requires no greasing yet far outlasts any off-the-shelf bearing we've ever seen.
  • 100 PSI air bag blade tensioner with integrated regulator and gauge assures constant, stable blade tension
  • Baldor motors assure long term reliability


Over ten inches of adjustable blade cutting height provides maximum versatility.  Example applications include cutting:

  • Pallets
  • Boxes
  • Crates
  • Skids
  • Spools

The 64" x 72" floating table top assures you can cut even the widest skids.

Cutting height adjustment is a snap with convenient table height cranks located on both ends of the table.

The Board King? Resaw Attachment permits your dismantler to add more profitability to your pallet recycling operation by optionally serving as a heavy duty resaw machine.


SMETCO Band Saw Pallet Dismantlers will grow with your business.  Each Band Saw Dismantler can be quickly reconfigured for One Man or Two Man pallet recycling.  You can attach the optional Board King? Resaw Attachment at any time to resaw your lumber.

In the One Man position, the table top is positioned to allow maximum operator comfort and ease of use with an ergonomic design that ensures a single operator can easily pivot the pallet by pulling through the entire cut.

In the Two Man position, the table top is repositioned to maximize pallet recycling volume.  Ergonomic design ensures comfortable pushing and pulling for both operators.  The Back Flip Arch allows the pallet to be returned to the first operator for further cuts on the back side of the pallet.


  • 64" x 72" floating table-top
  • Blade cutting height adjustable with table height cranks at both ends of table.
  • Table can be quickly repositioned for One Man (pull-through) or Two Man (push-through) operation
  • Patented curve fence promotes twist-through


  • Unique "Twist" cutting design for maximum safety
  • Heavy duty tube steel construction
  • Pneumatic blade tensioner with gauge
  • Removable arch
  • Standard blade speed is 3,600 rpm, other speeds available on request
  • 22' 6" x 1 1/4" blade
  • Baldor motor, starter, enclosure, and control box included

Power Source

  • Electric motor options:
    15 HP TEFC 3 phase 220V motor
    15 HP TEFC 3 phase 440V motor
    10 HP single phase 220V motor
  • 25 HP Gasoline power option



  • Hydraulic blade tensioner
  • Electric table-top adjustment
  • Custom options


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                    Dismantler in Two Man Position

Bandsaw Pallet Dismantler.


Band Saw
                    Patented Curved Fence

SMETCO Patented 'Curved Fence' is Key to Ease of Use.  Pallets Pivot Back and Forth on Fence During Cut.


Two Man
                    Band Saw Mid-Cut

Bandsaw Dismantler in Two Man Position. Cut Starts with Pallet Corner against Curved Fence. Blade Travel Pushes Pallet Against Curved Fence. Operators Effortlessly Pivot Pallet Back and Forth Through Cut.


Two Man
                    Band Saw Back Flip Arch Usage

Second Operator Returns Pallet for Additional Cuts on Reverse Side by Rotating Pallet Over 'Back Flip Arch'.


Band Saw
                    Steel Drive Wheel

Steel Blade Drive Wheels for Low Maintenance and Long Life


                    Air Tensioner

Air Bag Blade Tensioner with Integrated Regulator and Gauge Ensures Trouble-Free Blade Tension


                    Height Adjustment Cranks

Handles at Both Ends of Table to Set Blade Cutting Height


Bandsaw Forklift Pockets

Forklift Pockets for Transport of Band Saw


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