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Board Splicer

A SMETCO Board Splicer (effectively a 2x4 stretcher) will allow you to recycle your pallet stringer 2 x 4 lumber using industry standard mending plates.

Stretch your dollars by stretching your lumber!

Profit from scrap 2x4 lumber by turning them into pallet stringers. A SMETCO Pallet Board Splicer presses industry-standard 3 inch mending plates onto your 2x4 lumber.


  • 5 HP 3 phase 220 or 440 V motor
    5 HP single phase 220 V motor
  • 1.5 second cycle time
  • Two stage pump
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Built-in reservoir

Board Splicer - Front

  Board Splicer - Rear
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