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Notch your 4-way pallet stringers using a SMETCO Pallet Notcher.  These pallet notchers are designed to notch new or recycled stringers for 4-way pallets.  They feature the extra-tough Profile Technology "Nail Buster"™ cutting heads.

Example Notched Pallet Stringer

Example Notched Pallet Stringers

Pallet True-Cut Notcher Specifications

Increase your production by notching two 2 x 4's at once.  The True Cut Notcher will notch one 2x4, two 2x4's, or a 4x4 in a single pass.  The True-Cut Notcher produces a flat bottom notch for your pallet stringers.

  • Notches 2 x 4's or 4 x 4
  • Green wood tips or nail cutting
  • Standard 1 1/2" notch with radius corners
  • Standard 9 inch notch length
  • 9 inch indexable head
  • Adjustable notch placements from 6 inch to 26 inch
  • Stringer sizes: 36 to 84 inches
  • Heavy duty tubular construction
  • 15 HP 3 phase 220V (standard)
  • Rolling Bed
  • Adjustable End Stops
  • Fully guarded for safety
  • Notches 12+ Stringers per minute

To watch a video of the True-Cut notcher in action, click here to go directly to the video download section of this web page.


True Cut Notcher

Pallet Stringer True-Cut Notcher

True Cut Notcher

Pallet Stringer True-Cut Notcher

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