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Pallet Platers

-Heavy Duty Design-

Don't discard or disassemble your broken pallets!

Use a SMETCO Pallet Plater to press industry standard mending plates onto your pre-assembled pallets with broken pallet stringers.

Pallet plates are a cost-effective alternative to replacing broken stringers.  A SMETCO Pallet Plater presses industry-standard 3 inch mending plates onto stringers of your pre-built pallets.  This design assures pallets easily slide over the jaws of the Pallet Plater.

Pallet Plater Specifications

  • 5000 PSI hydraulic package
  • Two cylinder design to press mending plates quickly and easily
  • Stringer hold-down press
  • Control valve pendant with cord
  • In-line designs
  • Flat steel work table
  • Ball transfer table optional
Pallet Plater

Pallet Plater for Repairing Pre-Assembled Pallet Stringers

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