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Pallet Repair Systems

Recycle your broken or damaged pallets using SMETCO Pallet Repair Equipment.

Use a SMETCO Pallet Repair System to take the heavy work out of your pallet repair, dismantling, and reassembly.  SMETCO Pallet Repair Systems have developed an industry reputation for years of rugged, cost-effective heavy-duty daily use in pallet recycling operations.

SMETCO customizes pallet repair machinery to your specific volume and budget needs.  SMETCO combines each machine of a Pallet Repair System to tailor a unique solution matched to your business requirements.  Configurations can be optimized for:

  • Very high volume pallet recycling operations
  • Medium-sized pallet repair applications
  • One-man shops

Many of our customers have started with low volume Pallet Repair Systems, expanding their SMETCO machinery as their pallet recycling business has grown. 

For operations that currently dismantle, repair, or reassemble pallets by hand, upgrading to SMETCO Repair Systems will dramatically improve the safety and efficiency of your pallet recycling operation.

For operations that are currently using some form of automated pallet repair machines, an upgrade to SMETCO Repair Systems typically results in dramatic improvements in system uptime, long-term reliability, and efficiency.  SMETCO Repair Equipment will lower your total cost of pallet production.

Experience the SMETCO difference: heavy-duty, safe, cost-effective Pallet Repair Equipment that grows with your pallet recycling business.


 for SMETCO Pallet Repair Systems:

  • Feed and convey pallet stacks to operators
  • Separate pallets for operator inspection and repair
  • Remove and replace pallet deck boards and stringers
  • Convey pallets from repair to automatic Pallet Stackers
  • Grade by type or size
  • Restack and return to service
  • Salvage lumber
  • Convey and remove scrap lumber for further processing
Repair Table, Stacker and Conveyor

Pallet Repair Table, Stacker, and Conveyor

Repair Table, Stacker, and Upenders

Pallet Repair Table, Stacker, and Upenders


of using SMETCO Pallet Repair Systems:

  • Reduce the amount of labor required
  • Improve product flow and handling efficiency
  • Reduce forklift usage
  • Improve pallet recycling methods
  • Creating a safe work environment

Customized Designs

based on:

  • Daily volume required

  • Types and sizes of pallets

  • Budget considerations


Stand Alone Pallet Repair Table

Stand Alone Pallet Repair Table

Pallets Traveling from Dispenser to Repair Tables

Pallets Traveling from Dispenser to Repair Tables

  Further Information

  Pricing and Availability

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