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Pallet Sorting System Pallet Sorting Systems

One operator can sort and inspect hundreds of pallets an hour with a SMETCO Pallet Sorting System. All at the push of a button.

Pallet Repair System Pallet Repair Systems

An automated Pallet Repair System will substantially reduce the amount of labor required to repair your pallets.

Pallet Stacker Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers automatically stack pallets neatly after they have been repaired or sorted. 

Pallet Dispenser Pallet Dispensers

SMETCO pallet dispensers (destackers) are engineered to meet a wide range of pallet handling needs.

Pallet Upender Pallet Upenders

Pallet upenders (tippers) quickly and safely tilt your vertical stack of pallets to a horizontal position for ease of inspection.

Bandsaw Dismantler Band Saw Dismantlers

One man or two - a SMETCO pallet bandsaw dismantler handles any pallet recycling job.

Resaw Attachment for Band Saw Dismantler Resaw Attachments

Convert your band saw dismantler into a resaw with the economical Board King™ Resaw Attachment.

Lead Board Remover Lead Board Removers

Selectively remove your pallet deck boards with a SMETCO Lead Board Remover.

Double-Head Trim Saw Single End, Double End or Triple Trim Saws

Choose your saw to meet your production needs: cut one end or both ends of your pallet boards simultaneously for quick, accurate, safe pallet production.  Designed for new or recycled lumber.

Notcher Notchers

Single and double notchers to produce 4-way pallets.  Notch new or recycled stringers for 4-way pallets.

Pallet Plater Pallet Platers

Pallet plates are a cost-effective alternative to replacing broken stringers.  Pallet Platers press industry-standard 3 inch mending plates onto stringers of your pre-built pallets.

Board Splicer Board Splicers

You know that 2x4 stretcher you jokingly ask the new guy to grab when you've cut a 2 x 4 too short???  Well, here it is... for real!  Profit from scrap 2x4 lumber by turning them into stringers.  Board Splicers press industry-standard 3 inch mending plates onto your 2 x 4 lumber.

Pallet Repair Tool Pallet Repair Tools

SMETCO tools are built for rugged use in your pallet dismantling operation.

Scissor Lift Scissor Lifts

2,000 - 4,000 - 6,000 - 8,000 - 10,000 lb. capacities

Pallet Stack Turner Pallet Stack Turners

Turn and convey a stack of pallets 90 degrees.

Pallet Lumber Turntable Pallet Lumber Turntables

Sort, grade, and stack your pallet lumber using a SMETCO Pallet Lumber Turntable.

Tilt Hoist Tilt Hoists

For sorting, grading, and repackaging bundled lumber, this machine tilts and raises the bundle for operator inspection and selective feeding to other equipment.

Panel Saw Feeder Panel Saw Feeders

Tilts and lifts your bundled sheet goods for feeding each sheet to an upright panel saw. Used for many kinds of rigid sheet goods such as plywood, particle board, OSB, and decorative paneling.

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