Recycle your broken or damaged pallets using SMETCO Pallet Repair Equipment

Pallet Repair Systems

Take the heavy work out of your pallet repair, dismantling and reassembly with a SMETCO Pallet Repair System. Our Repair Systems have developed an industry reputation for years of rugged, cost-effective heavy-duty use in daily pallet recycling operations.

The benefits are endless when it comes to using SMETCO Pallet Repair Systems. Reduce the amount of labor required, improve product flow and handling efficiency, reduce forklift usage and improve pallet recycling methods all while creating a safe work environment.

Configurations can be optimized for high-volume pallet recycling operations to one operator shops. Let us customize your pallet repair machinery to fit your specific volume and budget needs.

We offer a variety of repair system options to fit your business needs.

From straight line to multiple tier repair line systems, we provide a wide range of applications for pallet repair.

  • Multiple Tier Repair Line Systems
  • Straight Line Repair
  • Nailing on The Fly Repair Line
  • Trash Belt Conveyor
  • Automated Pallet Flipper
  • 90 Degree Transfer System
  • Destacker Pallet Dispenser

Improve all aspects of your operation with our pallet repair systems.

  • Feed and convey pallet stacks to operators
  • Separate pallets for operator inspection and repair
  • Remove and replace pallet deck boards and stringers
  • Convey pallets from repair to automatic Pallet Stackers
  • Grade by type or size
  • Restack and return to service
  • Salvage lumber
  • Convey and remove scrap lumber for further processing


Eliminate hand stacking with automatic pallet stackers.

Our stackers offer a wide range of applications to optimize your throughput. Choose the right stacker for your business.

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or electro-mechanical power for long lasting, reliable operation
  • Range of 4 to 15 pallets stacked per minute, based on your needs
  • Anti-tip safety features
  • Control panels with PLC controls
  • Heavy duty construction

Robotic Stacking

We also offer a higher performance option to increase your throughput significantly. Our robotic stacking system will improve productivity and consistency within your operation.

  • Bar code reader sorts pallets
  • 6 programmable stack positions
  • 6.5 to 8 second cycles
  • Stack pallets to truck load height
  • System is useable for destacking


For operations that currently dismantle, repair or reassemble pallets by hand, upgrading to SMETCO Repair Systems will dramatically improve reliability, safety and efficiency of your pallet recycling operation.