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Quick Sort System

Pallet Quick Sort System

300+ Pallets / Hour Sorting Capacity

Built to Last

SMETCO's latest Pallet Sort System is our patent-pending 300+ Pallets / Hour Quick Sort System.  Quick Sort is an extremely cost-effective entry-level Pallet Sorting System with flexibility to grow with your business.  Made up of modular components, Quick Sort offers Hands Free two sided pallet inspection.

Quick Sort System Outline Drawing

Quick Sort utilizes a standard Infeed Conveyor, Upender, Auto-Feed Belt Conveyor, Curve Conveyor, and two to six Pallet Stackers.  The system combines a small footprint with high volume production.  It also incorporates many ergonomic and time-tested principles to reduce labor, increase production, and create a safe working environment.

The SMETCO Quick Sort Pallet Sorting System, capable of 8 pallets per minute, allows an operator to inspect and sort by size, grade, color, and ownership.  Both sides of the pallet are visible to the operator for a thorough inspection.  Pallets are indexed forward automatically, the operator completes their inspection, pushes a button, the pallet drops down to the inspection table, and the operator pushes the pallet into one of the pallet stackers.

The benefits are clear: Increased production, thorough inspection process, reduced labor, worker safety, ease of installation and quick return-on-investment.  All this at a a very attractive price.

Return on Investment:

  • Labor cost

    A single operator can inspect and sort the same number of pallets as 5 to 6 people sorting manually.

  • Forklift maintenance cost

    Reduce forklift fuel and maintenance costs by utilizing a sorting system to automatically move your pallets.

  • Floor space usage

    Reduce your leased real estate space by efficiently configuring your pallet operation to a minimal footprint.

The unique flexibility of the Quick Sort System ensures your investment stays safe as your business requirements change.  The individual components that comprise the Quick Sort System can be reconfigured for changing capacity, pallet repair requirements, and number of sorts.  When you invest in a SMETCO Pallet Sorting System, your investment stays safe with your changing business requirements.

SMETCO Quick Sort system is our most economical Sorting System.

SMETCO will individually tailor a pallet sorting solution to your unique business requirements.

When you need a Sorting System designed for proven production capacity and bulletproof reliability, choose SMETCO.

SMETCO will customize your Sorting System to fit your needs.  Following is an example of a Quick Sort system where the pallet flow is modified to occur in 'reverse' order to ensure this system could be easily retrofitted into an existing facility.

Quick Sort System - Reverse Flow

SMETCO Quick Sort 'Reverse Flow' System.

All SMETCO systems are designed with sophisticated CAD layout software to ensure form, fit, and function to match your exact requirements.

Quick Sort System Layout Drawing

Quick Sort CAD Layout Drawing

(Click drawing for expanded view)

Quick Sort uses standard modular components to comprise the system.  Following is a picture of the Quick Sort Upender.

Quick Sort Upender

SMETCO Quick Sort Modular Design: Upender.

Modular PS48 Stackers can be added or subtracted to a Quick Sort system to match your changing requirements for number of sorts.

Quick Sort PS48 Stacker

SMETCO Quick Sort Modular Design: PS48 Stacker.

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