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                            Sorting System


Mid Speed Pallet Sorting Systems

400+ Pallets / Hour Sorting Capacity /w Upender only

500+ Pallets / Hour Sorting Capacity /w Upender and Smetco's patented Continuous Feed

Built to Last

A SMETCO Pallet Mid Speed Sorting System will save you time and money. A Mid Speed Sorting System will enable just one operator to inspect and sort hundreds of pallets per hour. The complete automation offered with a Mid Speed Sorting System makes pallet inspection as simple as a push of a button.

  • 400+ Pallets/Hour Capacity.  Proven, achievable numbers.
  • Improved Quality Control of your pallets
  • Reduces/Eliminates Injuries
  • Improves housekeeping, reduces clutter, improves safety of your warehouse floor
  • Compact footprint maximizes floor space
  • Modular design for future expansion

SMETCO's longevity in the pallet handling industry stems from our ability to listen to you, our customer, build the quality equipment you need, and innovate cost-effective solutions.  With the introduction of SMETCO's Mid Speed "Space Saver" Sorting System in 2010 we continue to improve the speed, reliability, safety, and potential cost savings you can realize when you install a SMETCO system.


Mid Speed Sorting System Features:

  • "Space-Saver" modular in-line pallet stackers
  • 7 to10+ pallets per minute sorting capacity
  • Upender Indexer
  • Hands-free inspection
  • Pallets automatically transfer to selected stackers
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • Ethernet networked statistical database tracks grade of every sorted pallet
  • One-point main electrical connection
  • Guided infeed conveyors
  • Heavy-duty construction


Mid Speed Sorting System Components

Two-Sided Inspection

Pallet inspection is a two-sided process ...

On this system, pallets are seen at the top and bottom by the operator facilitating the removal of debris and loose boards that create jams and lost production.  Its fast, reliable, and effective.


Two-Sided Inspection

SMETCO Sorting Systems feature the ability to quickly and effortlessly inspect both sides of each pallet, then classify at a push of a button.

Control Panel

Reliable, industry-tested Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers are at the heart of each SMETCO Sorting System.

An Ethernet-based HMI tracks every pallet and presents the data in industry standard forms: web pages, Excel-compatible .csv files and an OPC server are standard on every system.  Track your profitability and productivity from anywhere in the world without expensive proprietary software.

SMETCO has a dedicated team of field service technicians and a comprehensive spare parts inventory to assist with any maintenance or service questions you may have during the life of your system.

                          Panel Detail

Sample of a Control Panel PLC and other components may vary.


  • "Space-Saver" Stackers: Stacking rate of 12 pallets per minute
  • Automatically counts and stacks pallets
  • Ejected at preset count awaiting forklift removal for repair or re-issue
  • 25 pallet capacity
  • Hydraulically powered
  • Transfer Conveyor intigrated with each stacker to reduce overall system footprint

SMETCO Pallet Stackers used in Mid Speed Sorting Systems. (addition stacker options available)

Stack Straightener BackStop

The Stack Straightener Backstop squares and straightens uneven stacks for trouble-free operation of the pallet upender .

Outfeed Conveyors

Reinforced gravity outfeed conveyors ensure years of service. (shown to the right)

                          Straightener Detail

SMETCO Outfeed Conveyor (gravity).

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