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Pallet Sorting Systems Overview

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300, 400, 500, up to 900+ Pallets / Hour

A SMETCO Pallet Sorting System will save you time and money. A Sorting System will enable just one operator to inspect and sort hundreds of pallets per hour. SMETCO offers a comprehensive line-up of Pallet Sort System product configurations to exactly match your requirements.  Starting with the semi-automated 300+ Pallets/Hour Quick Sort System and Mid Speed "Space Saver" sorting systems progressing all the way up the product line to the fully automated 900+ Pallets/Hour High Speed Sorting System, you can choose a SMETCO Sorting System to match your specific pallet sorting and repair requirements.

SMETCO will customize your Pallet Sorting Machines based on:

  • Daily volume required
  • Number of pallet sort catagories desired
  • Budget considerations
  • Facilities layout and power availability
  • Requirements for flexible reconfiguration

With over 100 systems installed worldwide, SMETCO's Sorting Systems offer time-tested production capacity and reliability.  When you buy from SMETCO, you get the benefit of 41 years of continual refinements, innovations and safety features that ensure your machinery investment is wisely spent.  With your company profitability and employee safety at stake, SMETCO steps up to the plate with authentic production volumes, a record of unsurpassed up-time, and the industry's most refined safety features.

SMETCO will individually tailor a pallet sorting solution to your unique business requirements. 

For proven production capacity and bulletproof reliability, choose SMETCO.


SMETCO Pallet Sorting Machinery will save time and money by:
  • Reducing the amount of labor required
  • Improving pallet flow and handling efficiency
  • Reducing/Eliminating injuries and fatigue
  • Reducing forklift usage and maintenance
  • Creating a safe work environment
  • Improving pallet inventory control, thereby reducing product damage
SMETCO high productivity sorting systems to:
  • Feed pallet stacks
  • Separate pallets for Operator inspection
  • Remove debris
  • Grade by type or size
  • Restack and return to service
Uniquely SMETCO:
  • The highest quality construction
  • Best field record for reliability
  • Dependability, repeatability
  • Low maintenance
  • As high as 7000 pallets/shift



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